Yep. First Tuesday.

Dear Feastlings,

Well, it’s the first Tuesday of the month, which has always meant being a tiny bit overwhelmed, since it’s the day we change our menu. We have a hurried week of menu-writing, followed by a hurried evening of menu-stuffing, a few days of hoping all our new ingredients come in and a few more of hoping no one manages to burn or incorrectly butcher or otherwise destroy a new menu item. With any luck, it’s all come together by the first Tuesday, and we make one of everything, walk the kitchen staff through making it and the waitstaff through understanding what can and can’t be made without gluten or dairy or garlic or tree nuts, or any of the multitude of other things that one or another of our guests must do without. Today was a good one- a quick note about cutting the venison across the grain rather than with it, but no significant adjustments to any of the recipes or presentations. And in the end, everyone walked away from the table today feeling good about the new menu. Which, for your edification, looks like this:

We also have a quick scramble to update the announcement on NPR and KUAZ about the current menu, crossing our fingers that it comes in within the time allotted- it didn’t today, so there were a couple of edits. But as long as we’re on the subject of Arizona Public Media, I’ll be hitting up the listenership for donations a week from tomorrow, and offering gift certificates for a drawing to sweeten that pot. I’ll send out an email next week to remind you.

Then comes posting the wine tasting- this week’s is a hand-in-hand with Women’s History Month, a tasting featuring wines all made by women in what has been for millennia an industry dominated by men.

Women for Winesense

And there’s plenty more going on as well- we’re still checking to see who’s sent a resume, as we’re still constrained to be closed on Sundays until we can flesh out our kitchen staff a bit, and even as we recover from last night’s benefit dinner for Sister Jose Women’s Center, an even so well attended that we had to create a second one. So if you were concerned at missing yesterday’s event, you can join us next month as we do it all over again.

The good kind of sellout

If last night was any indication, it’ll be tasty and packed with a sense of community and kind-heartedness, and you’ll get some good food and wine in the bargain. There’s a link within the link above if you’d like to sign up.

Now, though, it’s time to gear up to make a nice evening for those of you who join us, habitually or not, on New Menu Day. See you soon.



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