Return of the cool kids

Dear Feastlings,

After that jaunt to Phoenix to see what the (often self-proclaimed) cool kids are doing, we’re bringing the cools kids down here this Saturday. The tried-and-true wines are, to be sure, both tried and true, and we know they’re good because they always have been, but just because they’re good, does it mean that the untried wines are any less true? This week’s wine tasting features four wines whose heretofore “fringe” status makes them decidedly less familiar than the big-name wineries who can afford eye-level shelving in the big box stores, but tasting them will clue you in: these wines are every bit as delicious as the wines you already recognize. The tasting looks like this,

Fringe Benefits

and the wines are great fun, Thanksgiving-friendly if you’re already thinking about that, affordable and delicious. You can come taste along and learn a little something if you like, at 2:00 this Saturday, October 22nd.

On the subject of already thinking about Thanksgiving, Feast will be, as it always has been, closed on Thanksgiving, but we will, as we always have, prepare a boatload of Thanksgiving meals for pickup the dat before. We’ll have the Thanksgiving carryout menu posted by Halloween, which will give you three weeks to figure out what you’d like to order. Prices, as they have everywhere, will increase this year, especially because we’ve gotten a line on some really lovely organically fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free turkeys, but the quality will be what it’s historically been, and you can have us prepare any or all of your Thanksgiving meal so that when the big day comes, the kitchen is neither your ball nor chain. Keep an eye out for that menu; we’ll have it posted soon.

That, for now, is all I’ve got for you. I’m still putting out the figurative fires that I imagine most small businesses are still dealing with, so I didn’t get the email out yesterday, and today’s email has been postponed about four times before now. Regardless, we’ll keep at it in hopes that things will one day stabilize, and we’ll just quietly go about our business of running a restaurant and bottle shop, without sending meandering emails full or regret and lamentation.

Come visit if you’d like, for food or drink, or both, or just to say hello, and in the meantime, stay well and happy.

Your buddy,


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