The figurative phone call from the governor

Dear Feastlings,

Another first Tuesday brings us yet another new menu, our 258th so far (really, it’s about our 300th, since when we very first opened I was fool enough to try and change the menu on a weekly, and then bi-weekly, basis.) And while that brings with it a certain amount of contemplation, my rainy little bike ride this morning and the stress of the wine pickup that didn’t happen today from one of our distributors and the last-minute running around to scare up mustard greens and lovage means that there’ll be no prodigious, chin-scratching email from me today- rather, I’ll just give you the bad news- that squash blossoms have fallen off the menu this month- and the good news- that an overorder on both our end and our produce purveyor’s means we’ll have them for a couple more days, so if your solution to rainy-day blues is something crispy and cheesy, you can still stop in for them one last time. Think of it as a temporary stay of execution. The actual, up-to-the-moment menu, in the meantime, minus the lovage that won’t arrive until tomorrow, can be seen here,

and I dare say it’s an enjoyable tip of the hat to autumn, at least to me. I could eat my weight in chicory custard if given the chance.

I’ll also include a link to this Saturday’s wine tasting, the wines of which I’ve already had the opportunity to taste, and they’re pretty exceptionally tasty. If you want to know more about the tasting, you can find it here,

A Tale of Two Cities

and if you want to reserve a seat, you can give us a call at (520) 326-9363. Hope you can make it. And I hope you can make it for squash blossoms in the next day or two, as well.

Your pal,


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