With or without stepping foot.

Good morning, Feastlings.

There’s little to report today, and, in fact, little to do. I enjoy stifling heat as much as the next guy, but, like everyone else in most of the country, I don’t regard the outdoors as a viable option, or anything that involved much running around outdoors. So, as usual, I propose a Saturday afternoon wine tasting. Here’s a link to today’s:

Dealer’s choice

You can join us in person at Feast, or you’re welcome to trick a friend or family member into braving the heat to pick up samples, and then log in here to taste along and chat it up with four of the people who bring us wine week after week, and discover some of *their* favorite wines. Pink Txakolina? Yes, please. If you’re fortunate enough to have already picked up tastes, you don’t need to do anything but open up the fridge, fir up the device of your choice, and log in here:

Topic: Dealer’s Choice
Time: Jul 23, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 862 9304 3808
Passcode: 899477

And with that, you’ll have a tasty and educational afternoon activity that’s thoroughly air conditioned. What more could you ask? See you soon.

Your pal,


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