Again? This trick never works.

Dear Feastlings,

I had grand plans yesterday; I’d get the Last Sunday tasting sorted, line up all our presenters, meet a few suppliers and in between it all, I’d finish up the May menu, start to business on the Mother’s Day menu, and get out a few replies to your emails alongside sorting out our next donation run. As it happened, even as of two hours ago, the wine tasting was falling apart, the emails never got sent, and the May and Mother’s Day menus have been pushed so far beyond the back burner that they’ve fallen off the stovetop. Today’s been a frantic series of phone calls, texts and emails, but they’ve all coalesced, at least tentatively, into what looks like a wine tasting. So you now have two tastings from which to choose this weekend, and I’d point out here that attendance at one does not preclude attendance at the other. There’s tomorrow’s tasting, which you’re already hip to,

A note from your meteorologist

and Sunday’s, which appears at this point to be holding together by means of cellophane tape and a sincere if misguided passion for wine and food.

Do not look behind the curtain

As we hurry to cobble all of it together, you’ll likely only hear the bare minimum from me- links to the tastings, start times, and, knowing my habits, maybe another purgative complaint about something else we have to contend with in the next two days. But mark my words: the day will come when the interviewees we hire show up not only for their first day of work, but their second, the ingredients and wines we order come in without incident, the tables and chairs make their way back into the dining room, and we slip without ceremony into becoming a restaurant once more.

Thanks for your patience while we keep trying to pull that rabbit out of our hat.



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