Happy whatever you celebrate.

Dear Feastlings,

Evidently, three times a century, after thirty-three years of being on a different page, so to speak, our various calendars converge, and this year is one such year: Ramadan, Passover and Easter all overlap. I mention it because despite two years of thinking we’re all in the same crappy, rickety boat, it feels like everyone’s been at it tooth and nail, so I’m hoping that during this little holiest chunk of everyone’s respective calendar, we can take a breather and recognize one another as people who think that SOMEthing is holy, somewhere, at some point. So Happy Whatever You Celebrate. Us, we’re celebrating food and drink whenever we can, and having been short-handed, we don’t have as many holiday specials as we’d like, but tomorrow, we’ll do our best to put on a little bit of an Easter pageant for you all, even if it’s only a handful of specials.

Easter specials

As for today, there’s still time to pick up samples, or even join us here in person for our wine tasting, two whites and two reds from the Loire,

Tour la Loire

and if you’re logging in from afar, here’s the link you’ll need:

Topic: Tour la Loire
Time: Apr 16, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 9679 0735
Passcode: 888465

There’s an in-person wine hootenanny mere days away as well, a dinner with Mitch Cosentino of PureCru, and it promises to be a good one. As I write this, there are four seats left, so if you’re interested, please know that remaining space is quite limited, and he who hesitates is lost.

Come meet Mitch Cosentino and his delicious PureCru wines.

And whether you join us for any of these occasions or not, remember that in this evidently thrice holy time of year, we’re grateful for you and your support.


All your friends at Feast

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