The lonely bottle

Dear Feastlings,

There’s a wine tasting this afternoon, and while I’d hoped last month was going to be our last remote Last Sunday tasting, here we are again. The good news is that it’s less and less about people’s concern over virus transmission, and more and more about flying by the seat of my pants yet again. It’s been another month of staffing shortfalls and awkwardly putting out proverbial fires, which ironically haven’t been fires but floods and their aftermath.

Since it’s simply too difficult to put out a wine tasting with food pairings both in person and online simultaneously, today we offer what we again hope is the last remote tasting, and I’ll try and get the jump on next month’s tasting sooner than later. There’s still room if five of you are finding yourselves in search of an afternoon activity that’s both educational and delicious. You can call us (520) 326-9363 and we’ll set you up with wine samples and food pairings both. If you’ve been ignoring the emails and just happened to see this one, you have no idea what the tasting is about, so I’ll catch you up: it’s four wines that seem not to get the recognition they deserve- either wines you’ve heard of but are too cautious to order, or which you’ve had drilled into your head for years that you should never order them, but whatever the case, they’re the wines we love but seldom do you discover just how lovable they are.

What you’ve been missing all this time

Behold the login information:

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Meeting ID: 853 7511 5158
Passcode: 808443

Anyhow, we’d love to have you join us at 3:30, which means you should come by soon and grab your food and drink, head home and preheat the oven.

I’ll mention here that the menu will change in a week’s time, so you only have a week left to sink your teeth into that sesame-crusted sweet potato salad, the bone marrow, the fried bologna sandwich or the chicken agnolotti, and a few other dishes as well- the menu is here,

and if you’re feeling flush and also feeling the esprit de corps to contribute to our next donated food run, you can learn about it here.

The ever-increasing flow of human beings

Next week, you’ll learn what the menu will be for the upcoming wine dinner with Mitch Cosentino of PureCru, you’ll learn what wines we’ll be pouring for next Saturday’s tasting, and you’ll very likely learn whatever’s sticking in my craw at the moment I sit down to email you, but in the meanwhile, we hope you’ll swing by for a visit.



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