Dry spell

Dear Feastlings,

I hate to jinx it by saying anything at all, but instead of the flurry of early-morning texts I’d been getting all week, the only texts today were about the damage inflicted on the cajeta yesterday that means I have to stop on my way in and reload our goat milk supply. What a complete and total joy not to be frantically contacting everyone I can think of to see who can work a double or find a babysitter or reschedule their mom’s birthday dinner to keep us from closing up shop.

I intend to celebrate this evening with something dry, be it one of the wines from today’s tasting, which you’re still welcome to join, be it in person or virtually,

Keep on tröcken

or be it something rather stronger. We’ll see how the evening goes and I’ll make my decision then, based on an empirical study of the number of angry phone calls (only one last night,) the campers who won’t leave in time for the next turn of a table to be seated (again, only one last night,) or the frustrations of crew members who fail to heed instructions (that cajeta, for example, or the mashed potato fiasco of Thursday evening.) Dry beverage will be commensurate with the day’s trials and tribulations.

For the majority of you, though, it’s your day off, and you’re allowed, if you so choose, to pick up some wine samples and tune into Zoom in the middle of the day while it sprinkles outside. Here’s how to log in:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Keep on Trocken
Time: Jan 22, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 0020 5758
Passcode: 818746

We look forward to seeing you, whether it’s at the tasting or another time in your day. Stay well in the meantime.



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