What changes, and what doesn’t.

Dear Feastlings,

Time was, I got the email out first thing Tuesday morning on the days the menu changed each month. Not so these past few, as one staff member out in the kitchen and one in the dining room, both with what I hope are minor, non-restaurant-related injuries, have left me focused on covering shifts in between the various responsibilities that come with the menu change. It’s not a dramatic change this month, but there are some fun new dishes, to be sure, and the staff who were able to make it to today’s tasting will wax rhapsodic about one dish or another, depending on their own personal favorites. Whatever the case, I hope you’ll come in and decide for yourselves what’s best. Here’s the menu:


So while the menu changes, and the alacrity with which I notify you, what won’t change is this: we’re back to our donation runs, and this Friday we’ll be headed to Sister Jose Women’s Center with several days’ worth of meals for a lot of women experiencing homelessness, which was rough enough without all the rain and sub-freezing temperatures we’ve been getting of late.

Think about what it’s looked like outside for the past week. Now imagine living in it.

And we’re back on track with wine tastings as well, starting the new year with wines that are new to us and likely to you as well. In the interest of getting this email out, I’ll send it before the tasting is posted on the website, but look for it tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get an email written before 5 pm.

Happy new year, everyone.



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