The calm of a mom

Dear Feastlings,
First off, happy Mother’s Day to you moms; I hope your day makes you feel appreciated, rather than being the beneficiaries of the unspoken appreciation your families have for you that feels instead like being taken for granted.
I hope there are touching crayon drawings for your mothers of small ones, and calls from faraway places for you mothers of older ones, peppered with acknowledgement that yes, in fact, you were right all along. I hope that you whose mothers are no longer with us can share a fond memory with someone who knew her well enough to finish the story, and those who are mothers-to-be can enjoy a meal without being overwhelmed by the weird smell that rears its head at the most inopportune moments.
Here at Feast, it’s a tiptoey day today. Yes, the dining room is still closed and there’s only takeout to be had, and yes, we’ve prepped extra servings of pretty much the whole Mother’s Day menu, though people are already calling and making a sizeable dent in our stores of salmon Wellington. But even with the safeguards we’ve installed on a day that usually sees a mix of our true-blue regular guests, whom we consider family and an equal number of people who evidently ONLY go out on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter, and behave accordingly, we’re already hitting a few bumps. We’ll have run out of salmon within the hour, and there’ll be bickering amongst the really stressed staff over how many orders we actually have, how many we should have, who took the order that we don’t have and who didn’t make as many as they should have.
Mercifully, Mary Ann is not only a mom to her own children, but to the entire staff at Feast, so I hereby thank her for working on Mother’s Day, along with all the other crew members working today in spite of their mom status: Megan, Lisa, Mindy, Stacey, Berenice, and Maria, and really, Katherine, too, who, while she has the day off, will be mothering full-tilt while husband Dave is here making food for all the moms who didn’t mother his children. But it’s Mary Ann who’s brought her grounding Mother energy to a frenzied, buzzing kitchen this morning, and brought a peace to the restaurant that will get us all through the day. With any luck, it will remain, and while we might get the odd guest who wanders in angered that we can’t seat them, at least we won’t be at each other’s throats.
We’ve posted what few specials remain available, and we’ll update the website as quickly as we can once the phone starts ringing, as it often does once people get the day’s email. Do be aware, though, that all it takes is for two or three people to call at once and suddenly, we’re out of a dish that’s still on the website, so we thank you for your patience and understanding. The menu, specials included, looks like this:

And if mom would like a libation to make the day a little more relaxed, we have no shortage:


So we’re off to make the day as special as we can for you, as smooth we can for us, and as pleasurable as we can for everyone. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who’s a mom, or who values one in particular above all others. Like Barb. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.


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