Hey, all you wine tasters: help us help families. Please?

Dear Feastlings,
First off, for those of you who celebrate them, happy Easter, and happy last day of Passover. We hope you get to enjoy a celebratory time with your loved ones, and safely so. Second, we’re in a pinch. I know last Sunday was the Last Sunday wine tasting, and many of you are in the habit of bringing back your vials to help us keep the cost of the wine tastings down, but for those of you not in the habit, who were wondering what you were going to do with those big vials, we sure could put them to good use when we do our benefit for Child and Family Resources this week.
It turns out that a box we thought was full of the large vials was, in fact, full of small ones, which leaves us in a lurch for this Wednesday and Thursday, when people pick up their samples. So we are, yet again, putting ourselves into your hands and hoping for the best, as there’s no way another box will arrive in time. We’d love to see you if you have time to drop them off today or Tuesday, or Wednesday (you can even leave them outside the front door on Monday,) or if you’re within four miles of Feast, we’ll come pick them up. It will help us help CFR celebrate fifty years of helping families in Tucson.
Meanwhile, as we prepped heavily to cover any mistakes or confusion today, we do have a few Easter specials available to pick up if you’re so inclined, even if you missed the original deadline. Fortune is smiling upon you if you’re in the mood for lamb, or ham, rabbit or an Easter torte. Even some pistachio- and strawberry-laden Easter cake awaits. You can see it if you scroll to the bottom of this menu:


Likewise, if you fall into that wine-taster category, you’re welcome to order your samples for next Saturday’s tasting, Kevin’s salute to his favorite varietal, Picpoul.

Pick a Picpoul!

And so I leave you to return to your egg hunts and chocolates, your last bites of matzo brei, or whatever treat you have in store for yourself on this clear and lovely day.

Happy Whatever You Celebrate.



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