Time’s a-wastin’.

Dear Feastlings,
As I mentioned yesterday in a Zoom meeting, I should never be given a deadline more than a few days away. If you give me six weeks’ notice, I’ll be scrambling, five weeks and 6 days from now, to complete the task you need done on that 42nd day. Do I asked for a four-week deadline, which will find me scrambling on the 27th day to get it done and leave my cohorts with a comfortable two weeks’ worth of breathing room.
As the child of parents who walk the line between well-prepared and already finished, just as I’m the child of parents who walk the line between tidy and fastidious, I can tell you that, in my case, at least, it’s a gene that skips a generation. And I know I’m not alone- every event we have here at Feast is shot through with last-minute or outright way-too-late phone calls asking if there are leftovers or if there’s still a chance somehow to get one’s hands on the thing that was offered, yesterday. So I offer you, those of my ilk, a deadline. Or, rather, a series of deadlines. If you reside on the east, northeast or west side of town, we’ll be in your neighborhood tomorrow, saving you a trip into town, but the last day to order for our dropoff is today, at 7:30 pm.

Eastward, Ho! (and also, the more traditional Westward, Ho!)

Likewise, tomorrow will be the last day to order for delivery to the north and northwest suburbs

North by northwest

and Saturday, in turn, will be the last day to order for our Sunday delivery to the south and southeast.

Down south

You can also still call all the way until Zoomtime, which is 2:00 pm this Saturday, if you’d like to join us for our tasting of wines from even further south, i.e., south of the equator.

It’s summer somewhere

If, like me, you’re apt to let the whole thing lapse and then suffer the consequences, there are still some things you can order pretty much every day, excepting Mondays, when we’re closed. Both food¬†and drink (like these new wintery cocktails.)

Now, with any luck, I’ll get it together tomorrow in time to remind you of some of these deadlines again, but only, I’m afraid, at the last minute. Stay well, all of you, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Doug, and your All Feast Buddies

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