The more I do, the less I get done.

Good morning, Feastlings.
Even though the sky is invariably falling when I read the news, I’m all wrapped up in how fresh and clean and crisp it is outside today, and that’s in part due to a really nice, leisurely bike ride, but in probably greater part due to the fact that my full, full plate has been emptied a tiny bit.
Not that we’re not still going full tilt- today is the last day to grab your Mozart-friendly meal for the Learning Curve lecture with Jose Luis Gomez of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra

A Feast for the Senses – Mozart’s Menu

and tomorrow is the first day to pick up your Learning Curve meal for the talk with Theodore Buchholz and Elizabeth George-Fesch

A Feast for the Senses – When Music and Movement Collide

You can also start picking up your hors d’oeuvres to accompany the University of Arizona Poetry Center’s 60th Anniversary Virtual Shindig tomorrow, and you can still join us for the wine tasting this afternoon at 2:00 pm.

Thanksgiving whites

The Zoom tasting info in its entirety is here:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Thanksgiving whites
Time: Nov 14, 2020 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 1123 0073
Passcode: 606595

But I’ve shot my last Learning Curve demo for the time being, and hors d’oeuvre production is underway under Catering Katie’s watchful eye, and I’ve already emailed all of today’s wine tasting presenters. Dave and Keith have the weekend’s bread production well in hand, and Keith and Alex have some pastries lined up. The ice machine is finally working, the staff here is remarkable in their dedication, their talent, their resourcefulness and their fortitude, be they front or back of the house people, and our guests are unquestionably the kindest and most supportive guests I’ve known in my 38 years of hash-slinging.
I know I’ll be singing a different tune as Thanksgiving roars up the street, because we’ll once again be overwhelmed with Thanksgiving for you

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

and for Youth on Their Own

Our next donation run- Youth on Their Own

but it’s an overwhelmed we’ll be grateful for- perhaps not in the moment but certainly once we’ve gotten through it. Kind of like how we’ll all be grateful for whatever the pandemic teaches us, once we’ve gotten through it. We look forward to giving you a hug when that day arrives.

Your friends at Feast

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