Dear Feastlings,
If any of us had watercoolers to stand around today, I reckon we’d have something to talk about. Regardless of my personal political leanings, and regardless of yours, I’m hoping to overcome my despondency at the fact that whatever results I’m looking at, it looks to me like we Americans disagree, pretty fundamentally, and nearly down the middle, as far as politics go, and I’m hoping to overcome it by focusing on a couple of things:
First, we can all agree on enjoying food and drink and the company, albeit with several feet between, of friends and family. So with that in mind, we’ll still keep offering a menu that changes each month, a Thanksgiving menu (mercifully, in Arizona, we’ll likely be able to enjoy it outside come November 26,)

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

and wine tastings.

No filter

I also choose to believe that whatever we may disagree on, and as much as I dread People (with a capital P), I still have a fondness for the majority of the people (with a small p) that I meet, and I believe that deep down, we’re all fundamentally good and have an instinct, subverted as it may have been in the current political climate, to help one another. So with that in mind, we’ll keep on asking you to tell people you know about our donation runs, in hopes that people will help us to help others.

Our next donation run- Youth on Their Own

I can’t guarantee I’ll maintain the outlook I’m striving for, but for now, at least, we’re going to keep making food and helping people, and hoping that keeps us employed for the immediate future, and with any luck, the various immediate futures we pile up chronologically on top of one another will amount to a more substantial future, and one day the crew at Feast will all get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for your help in our attempt to accomplish that goal.


The Future Well-Rested Staff of Feast

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