Burnt ends.

Dear Feastlings,
This is a bait and switch. If you don’t know what burnt ends are, they’re the bits of charred meat you get around the edges when you barbecue a brisket (or another cut of meat, I suppose, but I think brisket immediately.) And if I got an email mentioning burnt ends, I’d begin salivating immediately and pick up the phone and call to place my order.
But I’m writing instead about burning the candle at both ends and fairly hitting the wall this morning as I try to assemble payroll, and the November menu, and the dinner we’re packing up to accompany Cynthia Meier’s lecture for the Learning Curve, which you can access all week. I’m frazzled, but we’ve accomplished a great deal.
Here’s that lecture:

A Feast for the Senses – Giving Life to Frankenstein

And here’s the Rogue Theatre’s play, which you’ll likely want to watch after the lecture:

And you’ll see the meal itself after the entrees on this menu.

We’re only offering the meal in its entirety, since we don’t want to run out of any of its parts, though you can choose whether or not you’d like to grab a modest glass of wine with it- it’s paired to the entrĂ©e and pretty tasty and hard to come by (in fact, if you fall in love with it and want to buy a bottle, we won’t be offering it by the bottle until next week- again, so we don’t run out.)

As for the November menu, you’ll see that on Tuesday, when the menu changes, and as for Thanksgiving, that’s fast upon us.

Here’s the Thanksgiving menu:

Thanksgiving carryout from Feast

God knows that no matter what your politics, you’ll be thankful for the end of election coverage come Tuesday- not that anyone could forget with all the frenzy at this point, but do remember to vote. Also don’t forget that we’ll be continuing our offer on Election Day itself: you can prepare for results with ten percent off sparkling wine if you get to celebrate, and ten percent off spirits if you don’t.
We’re closed tomorrow, as we are each Monday, though, so plan accordingly. If you want your beverage handy, today’s the day, and if you want your meal to go with the lecture on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, again, today’s the day. Come by; we’d love to see you.

All your friends at Feast

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