An abundance of caution equals an abundance of comfort food.

Dear Feastlings,
As people get used to being a bit more out and about, we notice interest dwindling in our hub deliveries. We’re not giving up on them entirely just yet, but you’ll likely notice them coming a bit further apart until they fall by the wayside entirely (though I have to say, Academy Village and Green Valley, if you keep displaying interest enough to get groups together like you have before, we’ll keep doing it as long as you keep ordering enough that we don’t lose money on it.)
Nonetheless, we do our best to make sure everyone is covered, and in an attempt to keep from running out of everything we promised, we zealously made no small amount of lasagne (yes, it’s vegetarian) and those South Carolina style baby back ribs that everyone seems to love except for a man whom I’ll call the Angriest Man in North Carolina, who panned it, aggressively, with loads of CAPS LOCK and exclamation points, on TripAdvisor, and I replied with no small amount of snark myself. But I maintain that whoever coined the phrase, “the customer is always right” never worked in foodservice, and was never subjected to twenty-first century verbal abuse.
That said, I’ve long told incoming servers at Feast- and I still believe it- that Feast, and Tucson, are remarkable communities, and we differ from many restaurants in that we find ourselves treated with more kindness and respect than I’ve experienced in my thirty-eight years in the business. And for that we’re all grateful. Pat yourselves on the back, everyone who’s reading this. You’re great people and we’re lucky to have your support and friendship. It’s a great comfort to us.
Comfort comes in many forms, though, and today it comes in the form of those ribs and that lasagne, and a lot more beautiful food and drink. So I encourage you to take a look here at what you might have for dinner, and I thank you for all that kindness. You are, without question, the best.


Doug, but really everyone at Feast

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