Umm… it’s January, right?

Dear Feastlings,
After a couple of brutally chilly weeks- by Tucson standards, anyhow- to step out into a beautiful day like this one makes me understand why Kevin pulled out a bunch of fun, lean white wines for this week’s wine tasting. There’s not a lot more going on this week, aside from those of you who’ve waited patiently for the return of the lobster, corn and scallion bread pudding coming in to see if it’s as good as they remember.

Yes, there’ll be a special menu on Valentine’s Day- that has yet to be posted (it still has yet to be finished)- and yes, the udon noodles with pork two ways saw its shadow and so you’ll be seeing it next month, but in the meantime, I’m only writing to tell you about this week’s wine tasting, an alliterative treat from Kevin with four refreshing whites. The tasting looks like this, and now’s your chance to sign up for it.

We hope you can make it.

Your pal,


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