my relationship with new technology

my worthy adversary

Two weeks ago, which in restaurant opening time feels like 7-10 months ago, a guy came out from Open Table and loaded up a computer for us.  Over the course of an hour and a half, he explained to us pretty much everything this system can do, with three of us watching over his shoulder, and he was off.  Good guy, though you may recall that he knows only one pose.  Anyhow, it turns out his run-through was great at the basics, but we were only adequately trained as if we were not going to make mistakes.  Any mistake we make (oops, I put those people on the wrong table; oops, they’re not really finished after all, etc.) requires a lot of head-scratching and frequent calls to tech support, who I think know me by name at this point.  I want to love Open Table, but it’s so mean to me.  I know it doesn’t mean to be, but it is.  I feel like Open Table and I should go on the Dr. Phil show.

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