never trust a line cook



So this is a little quirky:  I was unpacking the office this morning and discovered a bunch of applications clipped together.  Here’s one that caught my eye, and I’ll tell you why: the name on the application (I’ll call it “The Application,”) was familiar to me.  The name on The Application was the same name as the one on the docket about sixteen years ago of The State of Arizona v. P*** **** F******.  The middle name and everything.  It so happens that I was listed as one of several burglary victims in this case, and that Mr. F******* was convicted in absentia, as he had skipped bail.    I’m tempted to hire this guy just so I can get the $2000 in restitution he was ordered to pay me.  Don’t get me wrong, he has actually begun to pay his restitution.  Of the $2200 he owed me, he has paid me two payments of $12.49 each.

See, this is one of the things I love about Tucson.  Even though greater Tucson’s population has eclipsed the one million mark, we’re still just a small town where you never know who you’ll run into.

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