wine wall III: the slashing. or at least the truncating.

the prodigal wine wall

return of the wine wall (rear view)

return of the son of wine wall (in technicolor)

The original plan was to offer up the wine wall of Old Feast in its entirety, only in a back-to-back format.  It seemed too clunky, though, and we’d have had to sacrifice a table, so  that wouldn’t do.  We decided to separate it into two walls, one on either side of the room. When we sat down on the banquette, though, we noticed that rather than looking into the somewhat unsightly apartments to the rear of Feast, you could actually see the mountains, and so the truncated wine wall was born.

the wee one

So we have a wine wall and a half now, and we’re pretty pleased with it.  It also helped us to decide when the fourth chunk of the wine wall didn’t survive the trip to New Feast from Old Feast.  We were able to pirate parts of it though, to fix up the scratches and dents of the portions that did make it.

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