three men meet. nyuk nyuk nyuk.

washing dishes by hand

Yesterday we called our dish machine tech and told him the machine wasn’t working in its new home.  The problem was a simple one: the machine needs the water going into it to be between 120 and 140 degrees.  Ours was topping out at 110.  So we got a visit from one of our favorite people, namely the plumber who tried to sell me his version of the sinks I bought at Economy Restaurant Supply for $100 each, for $850 each.  Suffice it to say, we are not close.

a meeting of the minds, including the plumber I don't like

So Ken, the dish machine tech who actually uses this stuff, explained that our tankless water heaters don’t provide hot enough water quickly enough to our dishwater, in spite of the fact that they’re a mere five feet away from the machine.  Plumber, I’ll call him to protect his identity and thus myself from a libel lawsuit, snapped into action by suggesting two possibilities: turn up the heat on the heaters to the point where the hot water works for the dishwasher and scalds anyone who attempts to wash their hands; or spend a lot of money on a booster heater which won’t fit in the area and will therefore be rendered ineffective by the fact that it will have to be placed nearly as far away as the water heater itself.  After a meeting of Ken the dish machine guy, Frank the architect and Name Redacted Plumber, the situation was resolved: let’s ignore this until Monday, when Name Redacted Plumber will send out a thermostat that goes higher, apparently in direct proportion to my gas bill.  Can you see how our relationship is not improving?

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