a black-belted goodbye

Master Kim stops by to wish us well

For the past few weeks, a lot of our regular guests have been asking me if I’m starting to feel sad about the move, and I really hadn’t been.  Getting the new building going has been a substantial task, and while I’ve adjusted to my relationship with our landlord, I can’t say I’ll ever call him up to see if he wants to hang out.  I really had no plans on missing Feast, because I always felt like Feast was not so much 4122 E. Speedway as it was the remarkable group of people who work together like no other people I’ve worked with in my twenty-eight years of restaurant work.  And in that respect, I think Feast comes with us wherever we go.  Still, when Master Kim stopped in yesterday, I began to understand that I might miss Old Feast after all.  Whoever moves into Old Feast will have the best neighbor they could ask for, a kind and encouraging man with an innate sense of community, and we all wish Kim continued success and happiness.

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