moving day

Royce and Flip move their junk

Royce and Flip are the two electricians who’ve been here pretty much daily.  Yesterday morning they came and mounted everything to the side of the new (old) walk-in.  They bent conduit, they pulled wires, and they bolted, twisted and torqued.  Flip wore a towel on his head.  Then John, the project manager, came and explained to them that the entire thing need to be in a different spot so we should tack sheets of galvanized steel to the side of it and make it look nice.  On went the towel again, and our dauntless and spunky friends went back out and moved a morning’s worth of work.  I hope they don’t read this, as I think they both might punch me if they knew I was calling them spunky.  Also, as I’ve pointed out to everyone on the job, Royce got a haircut.  Flip, too, but I think he does his with a razor every day.  Royce, I’m guessing, sets the trimmer on about 4 or 5 and does it on a tri-weekly basis.  I, even though I’m rapidly balding, get the old-fashioned, sit-in-a-barber haircut about every five or six weeks.  But none of this has anything to do with moving all the electrical work for the walk-in.

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