hole-y moley, part CLXXVI, but I exaggerate

this is the trench that holds the wire that feeds the power to light up the fixtures that light the parking lot

Yesterday there was a trench full of wire; today, the new heads go on the poles that light our parking lot.  Tomorrow, the parking lot will be seal-coated and striped, which means the people who miss the entrance to SWS will have to circle the block and come back around, like they used to when the Der Wienerschnitzel was a boarded-up building with a chain-link fence around it.  I did go into SWS yesterday to but a switch and a router and a power strip, but I didn’t get to meet Fred, the owner, who by all accounts is a nice, easy-going guy.  I wanted to propose an alliance, whereby people who miss his entrance can park in Feast’s lot unopposed and people who eat at Feast can park in his lot, thereby making a Megalot, or perhaps an Uberlot ( though I don’t think this software lets me use an umlaut, so let’s go with Megalot) that can be shared by all.  I know in these divisive political times that makes me sound suspiciously like a Socialist, but I was born in the US, for any of you that have questions about my loyalties.  Nelsonville, Ohio.  You can’t get much more American than that.  Thus ends my commentary on the trench down the side of our parking lot.

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