lost frost

Omar giving the condensing unit a scrubdown before they move it

Omar and I started yesterday bright and early, hauling everything out of the walk-in and into our temporary refrigerated truck.  while the truck is about the size of our walk-in, it’s configured rather differently, which means many of us will need to lose a few pounds to get in and out of it.  Still, it gives us the opportunity to dismantle the walk-in and teaches us all a few things about organization.  Whereas a trip to the walk-in was formerly no big deal, now it means trotting up the ramp and unhinging the massive door of the trailer, then clambering back down.  We’ve learned quickly to consolidate our trips.

a snug fit: larger people need not apply

This is good news since it also saves on fuel for this monster: the tank gets filled daily, or nearly so, by Andy’s Mobile Fuel Service.  The job I don’t want: people all over town can call Andy at any hour of the day or night and he comes out with his refueling truck to fill up your tank.  3:00 and you have a hankering for 80 gallons of diesel?  He’ll be there.

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