let’s not call it goodbye; let’s call it, “see you in 2 1/2 weeks.”

what's become of our walk-in

It’s often been my experience that when a bunch of people show up in crisp, matching uniforms, they know what they’re doing about half the time; the other half, they’re letting the uniforms supply the professionalism.  So when Eric and Todd show up, with Tall Skinny Other Guy (whose name I’m embarrassed not to know), I know I’m getting the real deal.  These guys are like the Isaac Stern, Jean-Pierre Rampal and Mstislav Rostropovich of refrigeration; it’s just that their ticket prices are lower.  And they don’t wear those old-guy sweaters. (Not that I’m suggesting those three are relying on their matching sweaters to create the illusion of virtuosity.)

good folks gone away: last last pieces of our walk-in being loaded onto the trailer

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