testing, testing…

water, water everywhere

and not a drop to drink

mas agua fresca

I never claimed to run a tight ship, but I had hoped to at least run a water-tight one.  If you were mid-town yesterday, though, you know about the near-horizontal sheets of rain we received.   Today, regrettably, was the day the roof emulsion was supposed to go on.  I guess we know which spots need some extra attention now.  I do feel fortunate that none of the flooring that could have been ruined by the water has been installed yet, but the phone call from the A/V guy was not the funnest part of my day.  I don’t have photos of the kitchen, because it was so dark I didn’t know where to aim, but let’s just say I’m glad we got those floor drains fixed.   Stan the contractor, ever the optimist, called it a really good test, and hopes for another storm like this next week, once the roof is sealed and the rain gutters are connected to the scuppers.  The roof didn’t pass the water test, but remarkably, my patience did.  But really that was because Stan calmed me down.

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