one if by cloudburst

a secret speaker

nothing secret about this keypad

I’m glad they were installing all the low-voltage stuff yesterday, so that Louie could call me and tell me the restaurant was flooding.  Low-voltage Louie (my apologies to Louie, whose last name eludes me, but whose name and profession lend themselves to what I think is a charming if uninventive nickname) was installing speakers when the storm came, and was a lot like Paul Revere yesterday, with three exceptions: one, he only alerted me instead everyone between Boston and Lexington; two, he didn’t ride a horse, he just picked up the cell phone; and three, it wasn’t the British army coming so much as a really hard rain.  Still, I found it heroic, and he did provide me with a lantern, which was a flashlight.  Low-voltage Louie doesn’t really lend itself to a Revolutionary War name, but maybe for his birthday I’ll get him a tricorner hat.

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