What a difference a day makes

our newly defined private dining room

Wow.  I thought I wouldn’t bring the camera today, because how much could they get done in a few hours?  As it turns out, they can get quite a bit done.  I went home and got the camera.  In the four hours that they had worked in my absence, most of the walls in the new building have been defined.  Almost every wall has at least one solid surface on it. Some of the walls still need stuffing in them, but it’s really nearly finished, wall-wise.  Also on the agenda for the immediate future: move the openings for the walk-in refrigerator (don’t know how that got mismeasured), start putting in the hardware for windows and doors, and make arrangements for lighting, flooring, some of the furniture and get signage squared away, as well as organizing the logistical aspects of moving our walk-in from Now Feast to Future Feast.

window dressing

Kitchen and Bar- more separate than Church and State

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