Duct, duct, goose.

yards- possibly miles- of plumbing for the fire sprinklers

Yesterday, for your protection, our friends spent the day putting in seemingly endless lengths of pipe to shower you with water in the event of a fire.  Not that we intend to set anything on fire, but if the restaurant does go up in flames, our guests won’t.  There are sprinklers to beat the band.  Today, however, is dedicated more to comfort than to safety.  The restaurant is full of ducts of all shapes and sizes, and they’re stuffing them into the ceiling at a remarkable rate, even as we speak.  Here’s my suggestion: step outside into the 110-degree heat.  Wait for ten to fifteen minutes.  Now imagine yourself sipping something cool and refreshing in the new, very air-conditioned Feast.

more ducts than you can shake a stick at

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