A bird’s-eye view

a view from above

It only just now occurred to me that all these photos probably haven’t coalesced into a big mental picture for you yet.  So here we are: this is what Feast will look like from above.  On your lower left, you’ll see the private dining room.  There’ll be a projector and a screen, a place to hook up your laptop if you’re doing a presentation, separate music from the regular dining room if you’re celebrating a special occasion or having a rehearsal dinner.  It seats about 40 people or so.
Bottom right: the regular dining room, about half the size of our current dining room.  Above that, the bar and lounge area.  You can see a regular bar, a skinny two-sided bar down the middle of the room, and a banquette that’s more for dining.  With your help, it’ll be a lively, convivial little room.  To the north of that is an entryway and a tiny patio with six tables.  Hallway, restrooms and office follow.
The other side is kitchen, kitchen and more kitchen.  Two walk-ins will separate catering food from restaurant food and allow us to be more organized, a wine storage room will be temperature controlled, and an extra-long line will allow us to prep food for catering even during lunch and dinner service without tripping and falling all over one another.  You can see lots of shelving for storage and lots of tables for prepping.  We’ll also have a great sytem of floor drains for easy cleanup.  It’s getting exciting.

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