Past Events

St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, St. Patrick's Day is coming this Sunday.  And yes, we've been industriously corning beef for the past three weeks and change.  Fingers crossed, you'll be celebrating here with us come Sunday.

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Rosenthal Wine Merchant Dinner with Joanie Karapetian

If there's one importer that ties it all together and effectively blurs the line between those of us who are complete wine geeks and those who just like a really good glass of wine, it's Rosenthal Wine Merchant.  And if there's one person who exemplifies that experience in corporeal form, it's Joanie Karapetian.  This is your big chance.

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Valentine’s Day at Feast

On Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, we’ll offer our regular menu at lunch, then close from 3:00 to 5:00 to prepare our special Valentine’s Day prix fixe menu.  Don’t worry, if you don’t want four courses, each dish is available á la carte as well, and we’ll have a few selections from our regular menu available […]

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