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North by Northwest

Dear Feastlings, We miss our buddies to the north and northwest, be it Oro Valley, Marana, Dove Mountain or the like, and so on Saturday, March 20, we’ll be making another delivery run to our friends north of town.    Here’s how it will work: You’ll call us before Friday, March 19, before we close […]

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Hello, Feastlings, No one on the outskirts has gotten a chance to have our food delivered to their neck of the woods for a couple of months now, and many of you are sheltering in again now that Arizona boasts the highest Covid infection rate in the world.  Really.  So on Friday, March 19th, we’ll […]

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Oaky doaky

Dear Feastlings, We talk about it in our wine tastings all the time- this wine sees 20% new French oak; that one spends time in neutral barrels; another is entirely in stainless steel.  And it’s all well and good to talk in a cerebral way about barrel treatment, but what does it mean?  This week, […]

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Spain beyond Rioja

Hello, Feastlings. We fall into traps- when we think of California wine, we think of Napa.  In France, Bordeaux is our go-to.  And when we say Spain, you likely think Rioja.  But it turns out Spain has more area planted to grapes than any other country in the world, and there’s a lot more going […]

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A mouth full of South

Dear Feastlings, It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been able to send food out to the various neighborhoods and suburbs around Tucson, so we’re planning on deliveries to parts South and Southeast on Sunday, February 21st.  Here’s how it will work: You’ll call us on by Saturday, February 20th for delivery to either […]

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