Past Events

Louis/Dressner tasting with Josefa Concannon

We usually relegate our wine tastings to the last Sunday of the month, and once in a while, a winemaker or an importer trots through Tucson and we’re lucky enough to pick that person’s brain in the fleeting moments they’re here in town. This one will have healthy pours and small plates.

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Provence Rosé

While it may be a drizzly week, we Tucsonans know that Rosé weather lasts well into October, and it really doesn't even hurt to have some around come Thanksgiving. 

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Tablas Creek wine dinner with Darren Delmore

Darren Delmore of Tablas Creek Vineyard blows into town with four delicious wines in tow, and you’re invited to taste these remarkable wines from the brains and hands of the Haas family of Vineyard Brands here in the United States, and the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel in the Rhône Valley.

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Pinots of the World

In addition to our Saturday wine tastings, we step it up on the last Sunday of each month and host a tasting of six wines, some a little fancier than others, and offer food pairings alongside the wines.  This month we’re joined by our old friend Dylan Higgins.

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While most of us regard Grenache as having its figurative and literal roots in France, not everyone realizes that Garnacha can be found scattered across Spain as well, and it turns out that Spanish Garnachas are delicious.

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Relocated whites

As purveyors of wine, we taste a lot them, and we've noticed a discrepancy: the wines we love aren't necessarily the wines that people buy.  Sometimes it's the price.  Sometimes it's the label.  But we've noticed a nearly certain deal-killer, and this week, we're here to right that wrong. 

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Sangiovese e piú

Ciao, ragazzi. Last week featured a bunch of delicious Sicilian wines, and this week, we head to the mainland.  If you're sitting around the house wondering what to drink with your pasta and red sauce or those roasted meats and sausages you're planning on serving, this tasting is worthy of your consideration.

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