Whiskey Del Bac Winter Release Event

Dear Feastlings,

Those of you who are whiskey drinkers may well recall that last year, we were fortunate enough to work with the good people of Hamilton Distillers and procure ourselves a Feast barrel of single-barrel, unsmoked, cask strength Del Bac whiskey.  People snapped up the fewer than seventy bottles we had at a fair clip, and while we squirreled away a couple of bottles to pour for our restaurant guests, we essentially went bust quite some time ago.

So I called up our good friends to suggest we get together again and do some barrel tasting to figure out our next single barrel, and that’s when I got the bad news, and the accompanying good news.  The bad news went something like this: there’ll be no single barrel for you, as we’re using it all for our own projects.  The good news, however, went like this: even though this is pretty much a distillery-only release, because you’ve supported us from the get-go and because you’d hoped for another single barrel this year, and because we trust you to put this whiskey in a good home, or, rather, a smattering of good homes, we’ll let you offer a few cases of our first annual Winter Release whiskey, which this year is a more heavily smoked, hundred-proof creature loaded with campfire and cardamom on the nose, rich with chocolate in the mid-palate and vanilla custard on the finish.

To celebrate, we’re having an event here on Tuesday, December 12, with Dale Riggins and Karley Brumder of Hamilton distillers, and quite possibly Stephen and Elaine Paul, and a couple of our upstanding and talented staff, and you’ll be able to taste not only the Winter Release but also the three staples of Hamilton, the Del Bac Clear, Classic and Dorado, as well as some cocktails that we make out of them and some little amuse-bouches that we’ve made to accompany them.  It starts at 6:00 pm and will continue as long as it needs to, and thirty-five dollars plus tax and tip will get you tastes of all four whiskies, all four cocktails and all four snacks, as well as a discount on the whiskies themselves.  Even though it’s a walk-through format rather than a classroom format, we’ll need you to make a reservation so we make certain to make enough of the snacks.  Web and email won’t hold your spot, though, so please call us at 326-9363 for your reservation.  The menu looks like this:

Winter Release Event at Feast

with the Good People of Hamilton Distillers

6:00 pm, Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Rabbit tartlet with carrot-onion custard and apricot schnapps glaze.

Hamilton Distillers Whiskey Del Bac Classic

Flower Girl~Whiskey Del Bac Classic, Carpano Bianco Vermouth, Fleur de Sommer Amer


Seared ribeye rubbed with porcini mushroom powder, kola nut and sandalwood, with a mesquite flour biscuit and sautéed spinach.

Hamilton Distillers Whiskey Del Bac Dorado

Bitter Barista~ Whiskey Del Bac Dorado, Old Busker coffee liqueur, Campari, Triple Sec, orange peel rim


Braised house-smoked pork belly toast with black tea creamed collard greens.

Hamilton Distillers Whiskey Del Bac Clear

Morricone~ Hamilton Distillers Whiskey Del Bac Clear, limoncello and balsamic vinegar-poached black garlic


Bacon and toffee chip cookie

Hamilton Distillers Whiskey Del Bac Winter Release

Winter Reliesling~ Whiskey Del Bac Winter Release, Riesling


$35 plus tax and gratuity


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