Face your Fears- wines you’re afraid to order

Hi, wine tasters.

I like to think we bring fun and interesting wines in each month for you to taste, but we’re often constrained by the theme of the tasting to mostly more tried-and-true varietals. There comes a point in serving wine, however, where we start wanting you to taste what we want you to taste. We know that in the restaurant, we’ll be waved off if we bring Merlot to most tables, and that if we show a table both a Sauvignon Blanc and a Moschofilero, it won’t be the Sauvignon Blanc that ends up back on the shelf. So in the spirit of showing you wines that are outside of your box, or straining against your envelope, or at the outer edge of your horizons, we and our friend Kristin Horton of Southern Wine and Spirits present the Wines You’re Afraid to Order. We know you’re not really afraid of them, but we know how much easier it is to spend your money on a tried-and-true wine than something you’re not familiar with. But why come to the tastings if not to taste something new? Come taste wines that you don’t know this Sunday, or at the very least, wines you don’t get to taste very often. The tasting is this Sunday, July 28th at 3:30 pm. The wines will be paired with our customary bites of food, and the price is $30. Think about it. Then give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll hold you a spot.

Face Your Fears

NV Sektkellerei Szigeti, Grüner Veltliner, Österreichischer Sekt $22.00

Pale citrine color with a greenish tint. Medium sized bubbles. On the nose this combines ripe pear and green apple scents with just a hint of toasted brioche, and a faint green vegetal aroma. The palate achieves a nice balance between focused citrus flavors and more of a broad richness, with a peppery grapefruit note at the end, though all within the structure of a predominately dry style. Everything is held in check by well-integrated but still zingy acidity, indicating that this might tolerate a bit of cellaring.

2011 Boutari Moschofilero, Mantinia $17.00

Moschofilero Boutari presents a brilliant, crystal-clear, white yellow color with green tints. A fresh wine with intense floral and fruity bouquet dominated by aromas of white rose, melon and citrus. A well-balanced fresh wine, with intense flavor and long aromatic finish of orange blossom and grapefruit.

2012 Acrobat Rose of Pinot Noir by King Estate, Willamette Valley $14.00

Candied apple and lime on the nose give way to raspberry and red pear aromas with notes of wild strawberries, wet limestone and passion fruit. Red pear and black plum on the palate are complemented by

pomegranate and cherry pie, finishing with gala apple. A well balanced entry with crisp acidity softens to a long, lingering finish.

2012 Sauvion Chinon (Cabernet Franc), Chinon $18.00

Vegetal notes of celery and green pepper fuse under an umbrella of dark fruit. Well-structured and easy to drink with substantial but smooth tannins.

2010 Cline Small Berry Mourvedre, Contra Costa County $39.00

From the winemaker: “This vineyard has always shown intense concentration of flavors due, in part, to the miniscule yields that we receive. Tobacco, plum, and eucalyptus-mint dominate this wine and offers plenty of flesh and a firm balanced structure of acid and fine-grained tannins.”

2011 LangeTwins Petite Sirah/Petit Verdot, California $17.00

Rich and inviting with an intense, inky dark purple color, the LangeTwins 2011 Petite/Petit is as vibrant in color as it is in aroma and flavor. Juicy blackberry and bold blueberry notes are revealed in approachable layers and this concentrated wine finishes with a welcoming freshness. Very fruit forward.

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