nothing sparkles like a shining star

the good minister and his wife

I have a wild-eyed look most days lately, and I did the other day when the gentleman on this card approached me.  “Mr. Doug,” he said, “I was just next door talking to Mr. Ed (who I presume was Ed from SWS and not a talking horse) and he suggested I come and see you.  He said that you’re a good man.  Now my wife and I minister to people who need help, particularly to Alzheimer’s patients, and you know it’s a terrible disease, and every Sunday we help Alzheimer’s patients.” He was wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a Looney Tunes tie.  “Mr. Doug, I try to partner with all the business owners in the neighborhood and I ask that they contribute ten dollars a year to partner with our ministry and help people with the Alzheimer’s,” he said.  I like the definite article as a prelude to the name of a disease, so I told him how our donations work, i.e., he needs to send something in writing, the managers and I look over all of our donation requests every eight weeks, and we decide what we can afford to donate.  I gave him my card so he could email me something, which he still has yet to do, and he gave me his own Shining Star Ministries card.  I slipped it into my pocket and mostly forgot about it, as I have a lot going on right now with the new place, but I found it interesting.  Anyhow, later that morning, I was checking my pocket for something else and discovered the back of the card, which describes his other endeavor.  Take a look.

sometimes all you need is a fresh new shirt to change everything about yourself

These two are a busy, busy pair and I’m hoping we cross paths again, mostly because I’m just fascinated by their entrepenuerial spirit.  Best of luck, LaMar.  And Amani.

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