no room at the inn

no room at the Bilbao

It’s hard to see in these photos, but we’re pigeon-proofed now.  Andy was up on the roof Thursday, making Feast an unattractive space for the occasional wayward pigeon who strays from the neighboring billboard, screening any open spaces in.  And since the billboard is slated to come down next year, I know there’ll be a few pigeons who go apartment shopping.  If you’ve made it by New Feast yet, you’re aware that something’s up, because our parking lot is a sea of feathers.  Andy reckons that we have not only pigeons in the neighborhood, but a hawk with a hearty appetite as well.  (I’m hoping to get some footage of one of these hawk outings.  What a coup if we could get David Attenborough to narrate!  I figure that if the Loft can get Griffin Dunne, Alex Cox and Rosanna Arquette, there must be an in somewhere.)

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