practice makes perfect

twenty-eight tables’ worth of silk flowers
We are indisputably a long way from perfection, which is why a dry run is required.  If my pockets were deeper, we’d have had two practice nights rather than one, and we’d have ordered in all the odds and ends we didn’t think of.  How about an ice bin for the waiters’ station?  I’m kicking myself for letting myself be sweet-talked into “saving money” by not hiring a kitchen designer by the member of the architectural team who assured me that he’s designed restaurants all over the place.  Apparently, none of them has an ice bin in the waiters’ station, or room at the bar for an espresso machine or a soda gun.  We’ve sacrificed a refrigerator to make room in the kitchen for all this stuff, and I’ll tell you this: Dave is sad.  The refrigerator we gave up

Katie and Amie readying themselves for our dry run

 was going to be his cheesemaking fridge.

The practice night went pretty well, though, all things considered- everyone on the staff got to invite two people, except me ( I exercised executive privilege and invited both my parents and my wife, who brought a date).  I made their photo small so they wouldn’t get too mad at me for publishing wife, Laura, and her date, Kristy, published small so they don't get mad at me for putting their phot on the site

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