people in here

So we opened the other night, to little fanfare, the idea being that the next couple of nights would be essentially practice nights as well.  Then a little well-intentioned mishap occured- the president of Arizona Public Media, for whom we underwrite, came in for lunch.  I told him I was glad he came in because it reminded me that we needed to update our announcement soon to say that we’ve finally moved.  With our regular AZPM person sipping drinks from a pineapple on a beach somewhere, the person in charge of our account went ahead and changed the copy, and I was told by a number of our guests yesterday that they heard we were open on NPR.  In spite of this goofy journal (I still can’t bring myself to call it a blog), we’re really trying to open slowly and quietly in hopes of getting our bearings, so the announcement’s been called off for another week, but meanwhile it meant we had some people in here.
some people

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