2…1…, part II…I…

tables and chairs- check

apples, caramel, nuts and sprinkles- check

Well, we’re really, really close now.  And I’ve already offended someone.  The other day, after the locksmith came, we didn’t realize that the door to the private dining room wasn’t completely closed, and as we had mock service to see what else we had screwed up (no ice bin in the waiters’ station would be the big one, though inadequate space for a soup station or the espresso machine are biggies as well), some guy wandered in through the unlocked side door.  His wife was pretty nice and understanding when we explained that we weren’t actually open and we were just practicing and working out the kinks, but he felt differently, and as I followed him out to his car to explain that we were doing this so that we could figure out what we’re doing and we didn’t want to practice on a valued paying guest, he slammed the car door in my face.  Angry guest number one, before we even open the doors.  Let that be a lesson to you: always check the locks.

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