twenty-first century pony express




The rubber flooring we were supposed to get for the wine room was supposed to arrive Tuesday.  then it was supposed to arrive Thursday.  When it still wasn’t here Friday morning, I told them to forget it; we’d just fill the wine room with a bare concrete floor.  Wait, they said, what if we can get it done on Saturday?  I told them that if they could do it by 3, we’d be okay, but we really, really needed time to get all the wine in there and we couldn’t start later than that.  So the LA guy managed to get the flooring on a truck to Phoenix despite the fact that it has missed its previous truck; the Phoenix guy dragged it down to Casa Grande to be met by the Tucson rep who had it on our doorstep by 8:30 with his four-year-old daughter in tow.  Seth and Mike, who installed the rest of our flooring, has it done by 11:30.  Superstars all.  Thanks, ProSource and Van Horn.

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