Megan’s mind

how Megan's mind works

how the collective mind of the kitchen staff works

There’s a joke among the waitstaff- when you can’t find a bottle of wine, either physically or in the computer, we tell each other to think like Megan.  Even as we were packing, I remember looking for a wine in the bins numbered 1050 and above, and Megan saying, “no, that’s in the 750s now; don’t you remember how the fruit’s coming up in that one?”  Megan’s an organizer.  So in the three-plus trailer loads of wine we brought over last night, every case had bin numbers on it and the wine was all neatly stacked according to its position on the list.  Sure, it can be frustrating having a fairly subjectively categorized 500-bottle wine list whose intricacies only come naturally to one person, but you have to hand it to her organizationally speaking.  While we don’t all think like Megan, I’m glad Megan does.

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