et tu, Dino?

Anselmo figuring out how he's going to sweet-talk them into this one

With our convection steamer and our convection oven, which incidentally have never been under an exhaust hood at Old Feast, both red-tagged and disabled for our safety, Anselmo the architect has the task of convincing the fire inspectors that the two pieces of equipment that they approved on the initial plan eight months ago are still approvable in actuality.  How it went from being okay in theory to not being okay in practice, I’m not too sure, but I guess a lot of people feel that way about different things.  I imagine a lot of people who don’t regard waterboarding as torture in theory might  change their minds about it after being strapped to a board and semi-drowned until they passed out multiple times.  Meanwhile, I’m left without two important pieces of equipment that I can’t use, though we’ve been approved to use them in our old location, not under a hood, for the past nine and half years.  I guess Dino the fire inspector sees things differently from the inspector who approved them in Old Feast, the one who approved them again when Old Feast expanded, the one who okayed them at Plan Check, and the one who came out a week ago for a pre-inspection.  Is there any way we could take a vote on this?

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