forgive them, for they know not what they do

movie night

The screen has yet to arrive, so our friend Low-Voltage Louie took a break from setting up our phone system and burglar alarm and set to work on a makeshift screen so we could get the projector going.  It looks really great, despite the impression you get from this photo.  The only bad news was that they tested it with a DVD of the Eagles live in Melbourne or Sydney or someplace in the southern hemisphere.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Eagles personally; it’s only as musicians that they irritate me.  So after four hours of the DVD not only showing in the private dining room, but blasting through the restaurant, let’s just say that I no longer had a Peaceful Easy Feelin’.  Once they left, we listened to a handful of other things, and when Ron and Don came back to stain and seal the tables and bar at a time when no one would brush up against them (the tables and the bar, I mean- I don’t think Ron or Don would mind being brushed up against in the right circumstance), I asked what music they’d like me to put on for them while I retired to the office to start replying to phone calls and emails.  Ron: “you know, they were playing that Eagles Live in Wherever DVD earlier- is that still around?”

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