a death in the family

Maybe we'll name it "Barbara"Golly.  It’s been so busy what with setup and all that I haven’t even gotten pictures of everything that’s happened, nor have I recovered fully from the drama.  The day before yesterday, the massive freezer that we bought from my brother’s former establishment shuffled off its mortal coil, or, more accurately, had a tiny leak somewhere in its coil.  Said tiny leak caused the compressor to gasp once and expire in the night.  Price of a new compressor before installation and not including finding and repairing the leak: $1100.  Price of this used freezer from Santa Barbara Ice Creamery: $450.  Knowing Eric, the refrigeration guy who knew about the freezer for sale: priceless.   So the five members of our staff who were literally just leaving were snagged by the collar and dragged to the ice cream parlor, along with me and Eric.  Here we took the freezer doors off its hinges.  Then we  took the back door of the place off its hinges.  Then we nearly crippled Omar getting the thing out of there.  We put the door back on the Ice Creamery.  We got the freezer into my truck and it was so top-heavy we had to have two people riding in the back, looking like a terrified version of the Beverly Hillbillies.  Then came the part where we again made full use of  Omar’s spine to his disadvantage.  Once inside, Eric and I got the doors back on and Eric got it up and running, and we all finished our day about two and a half hours later than we imagined we would.

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