light smite

I vagueley recollect these (both the light fixtures and the electricians)

The light fixtures have come with us to New Feast, and, Surprise of Surprises, the lighting guy who sent us the wrong color fixtures (which, incidentally, won’t be in until well after we’re open) also managed to short us about twenty-five eight-foot lengths of track.  The good news is our industrious electricians managed to salvage much of our old system and we were able to cobble together something from the remaining bits we had and our excellent friend and savior Kristy ran all over town to round up the last few chunks of track available in the warehouses of nearly every lighting supply store in Tucson.  You may not recall, but I’ll remind you: this is the guy who told me I should really check out the Olive Garden if I wanted to see how someone does it well.  I want to smite him.

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