whole lot of love, part II

ahh, it reminds me of Current Feast’s parking lot

okay, not anymore


Oh, Victor.  Feast’s current landlord is a man whom I would not regard as free-spending.  When the roof leaks in the same spot in the kitchen every monsoon season, Victor first tells me that because I bought and replaced the faulty cooler that used to be there, that I need to pay for the roof repair.  Then comes the part where I read the lease agreement to him over the phone, the part that explains that the roof is his responsibility.  Then, several days later, he sends the handyman who patches the same spot every year because redoing the roof is out of the question.  It used to make me crazy, but now it’s as ritualized as a Chinese Tea Ceremony, and I find it almost calming.  We play the same game with the parking lot: Every time a chunk of asphalt the size of a toaster comes loose, Victor sends someone out to complain to me in hushed tones that the parking lot really needs to be completely redone, fill it in in the substandard way the meets Victor’s budgetary guidelines, and we form the tacit agreement that we’ll all three be doing this same square dance again next year.  The lot at New Feast looks pretty nice, though we couldn’t afford to repave the whole thing (don’t hold me to it, but I believe the price tag on that would have been about sixty thousand dollars.  I checked under the couch cushions at home, but didn’t manage to find the extra cash.)

On another note, I know the song is called “Whole Lotta Love,” but artistic license was called into play in order to make the parking lot the star of this post.  So, to the person who pointed this out to me:  I’m deeply sorry that this is a major issue in your life, and I sincerely hope that I don’t screw up any Yardbirds song titles in my future posts.

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