good morning starshine



A well-lit parking lot is a happy parking lot, so we managed to procure some new heads for the light poles that line our lot.  You can park easily at Feast with the many conveniences afforded us by modern technology.  What’s more, the SWS people are quite neighborly about the parking situation, to we will be, too.  Here’s the deal we made with them yesterday: the people who intend to park at SWS but miss the entrance can park in Feast’s lot, and the people who come to Feast and discover the lot’s full of SWS patrons can drive through the cutout in back of the lot and park at SWS.  No angry tirades, no signs that say So-and-so Parking Only; just good old-fashioned neighborly lot-sharing.  Israel and Palestine, take note.  You too, Corporate Office of Discount Tire.

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