hit the parking lot, Jack

Terry jackhammering up the planters in the parking lot


When the concrete around Feast started going in, I saw a guy in a hat checking in periodically to make sure everything was going according to plan.  He looked like the owner of Benchmark Concrete, which in fact he turned out to be.  And I imagined him strolling from one Benchmark job to the next, pretty much telling everyone what to do and moving on.  We once paid a guy way too much to build a wall and patch the floor in Current Feast where the display case used to be, a significant portion of the payment billed for him to sit in a chair while his staff worked, telling them to work faster and not screw up, and I imagined a situation like this.  Terry, I apologize for believing that about you for even ten minutes.  Running a small business is weird, in that you just can’t do all of it by yourself, so you have to find people who want to do what you need done in exchange for the money it generates; but I have to respect a guy who comes out to a job himself, by himself, on a weekend, when it’s 105 degrees outside, and fires up the jackhammer.  And next time you’re finding the shady spot in a parking lot next to one of these things, know it didn’t just get there by itself.

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