seeing red

I guess I can see the problem: it only says "red" on the box in two places.

Our lighting guy seems like a good sort.  He loves to talk, and he gave me all sorts of advice on the restaurant business.  He told me all about his upcoming cruise to Alaska and his birthday and his favorite places to eat (big fan of the Olive Garden- I should check it out, he says.  He likes it even better than Claim Jumper.)  Regrettably, he did a lot better in the talking department than the listening department.  The amber fixtures we ordered arrived yesterday.  In red.  So I called him up, and it turns out he’s on that Alaskan cruise I heard so much about, but I regard that as good fortune, because I met a kind-hearted woman who was covering his accounts in his absence, and who, it appears, has located the only seven amber fixtures of this style that remain available for sale in these United States.  I’ve plied her with chocolate truffle cookies to make this happen, this swap, but with the holiday weekend and a two hour time difference between here and the light fixtures, I guess I’ll just have to be on pins and needles all weekend.  Or we’ll put up some lights that don’t match, open up, and trade them after we’re open.  Either way, I’m glad he’s on an Alaskan cruise, safely out of my reach.

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